Characterz 3 is here 🎉

Hey, the ThreeDee community! 👋

I have fantastic news! 🎉 Characterz 3 is open for early 3D birds!
The 3D library is ready; I need to finish the website & tutorial, but the library won't be touched.
Psst: take advantage of that

For more, check:

There are more than 2,000,000,000 (yes, 2 billion) combinations of 3D characters 🤯
We rebuild the 3D characters from scratch. Everything is new & much, much better.

What is inside? 📦
Male & Female
Fully rigged (New body & face rig included)
19,000+ PNG files Rendered with new lighting optimized for light & dark UI
Blender generator
Brand new lighting
67 poses in the new pose asset library
Hair Styles (24 for male + 2 beards, 12 for female)
Shirts (8 for male, 10 for female)
Pants (7 for male, 8 for female)
Shoes (8 for male, 9 for female)
Outfits (19 for male, 19 for female)
Accessories (7 for male, 9 for female)
13 Types of Eyes
8 Predefined Facial Expressions (you can define your own)
LipSync for easier animation of 3D characters
New tutorials
... and much more

I hope you will enjoy this fantastic news!

Have a wonderful day! ❤️
Sam from ThreeDee

Characterz 3