New free 3D rooms for you ❤️

Hey, esteemed ThreeDee aficionados! 🚀

First off, a heartfelt thank you for being part of our vibrant community and for trusting in ROOMZ. 
Your support makes all the difference.

Now, hold on to your 3D glasses because we've just rolled out an exciting update that's going to supercharge your ROOMZ experience.

We made 4 new rooms from scratch for you:
🛋 Dive into a Cozy Living Room - Feel the warmth! 
👔 Navigate a Professional Meeting Room - Where ideas spark! 
🖥 Experience the Sleek Office Room - Where productivity meets style! 
🎈 Revel in a Fun-Filled Kids Room - Let imagination reign!

And here's the cherry on top: This update, with all its 3D goodness (source and PNG files included), is on the house - it's free. 

That's right! This is our gift to you, to say thanks for being such a great part of our community.

To snag your update, simply hop over to your Gumroad account and re-download the ROOMZ files. Voilà!

Always here, always innovating. 

Let's continue this amazing journey together.

Check the Roomz:

Warm wishes and 3D dreams,
Sam from ThreeDee 🌠

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