New free tutorials for Blender

Hey, ThreeDee community 👋

I know how annoying it can be to get into 3D.

The overwhelming feeling of opening Blender and seeing all the features.
Tens of tabs. Hundreds of functions.
And all of that... at once 😱

Better to close than continue. Right?

Please listen 👇

We are working hard to bring easy-to-use 3D assets and tutorials to guide you.
We brought Lego; you build your 3D world.

The reality is that you need to learn a couple of functions, and you can create magic ✨

Today, I want to introduce you new YouTube video format, "How to...", which is short Blender Timelapses.
These can give you some glimpses, tips, and tricks on efficiently combining and using our libraries.

But we also have tutorials for people who just started getting into Blender.
Slow and easy to follow.

P.S.: I genuinely want to bring more people to 3D, so if you have feedback where you struggle, please let me know. I want to help you use 3D in your work. 🙏

Here are the videos:

Have a creative day! ❤️
Sam from ThreeDee

3D beetle