New free updates ❤️

Hey, esteemed ThreeDee friends! 🚀

I have amazing news for you!
We made some updates to our 3D libraries, which are free ❤️

1. We added 4 new rooms, to our ROOMZ add-on
- Office, Kids, Living room, and Meeting rooms with source files and PNG files have been added
- In total, there are 11 rooms already
- If you own Characterz library, you can get 50% off - just respond to this e-mail if you are a holder or planning to buy Characterz library
- can be handy to combine rooms with our other 3D libraries

2. We added 4 new 3D mockup scenes. Mockupz are free for everyone.
- Scifi, Splash, Wooden office, and Cosy home mockups
- PNG and 3D source files included
- Completely free! 💰

3. Free 3D robots with 3D animations included
- Source files, PNG files, Figma files, and also 3D animations included
- Completely free! 💰

Bonus 🎁
We started to make some cool 3D tutorials like Kickflip tutorial, Client vs. Designer, or Zombie walking

As always, I am eager to hear your feedback ❤️
Sam from ThreeDee