We are in App of the Day!! 🎉

Our 3D characters got into App of the Day on the App Store
- congratulations to VOS.Health — AI Wellbeing Companion team 🥳 

I love how they intelligently use our 3D libraries:
✅ They bought a couple of packs
✅ Combined them
✅ Made some modifications to fit the branding
✅ To achieve uniqueness, they created additional custom 3D icons/models

It works flawlessly, and this is the best way I saw someone use our 3D libraries with a combination of custom 3D work on such a scale. 3D is part of their easy-to-recognize branding. Well done! 👏

🧠 Learning item
By getting this recognition from Apple, they demonstrated that using prepared packs is not a limitation for creating exceptional products. Moreover, you can deliver value much faster.