2. Blender beginner tutorial - basics of box modeling

As I mentioned previously, I plan to double down on the tutorials. Here is the 2nd part of Starting with Box modeling in Blender. This tutorial will show you some basic modeling techniques, modifiers, etc. I am happy to show you more tips and tricks in Blender, as it is a fantastic piece of software to use

Any feedback is highly appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMblr9nN8u0

2nd part - box modeling

Blender beginner tutorials

Hey ThreeDee community πŸ‘‹

We've started a beginner's series about the basics of 3D modeling in Blender. We are starting from the basics and planning to create more videos for the series.

This video sequence is for you if you just downloaded a Blender and want to learn the basics.

Here is the link.
1. part of Blender beginner tutorials

Discord server open!

We opened a Discord server for everyone who would love to influence what we do, get some tips on squeezing our libraries, or get notified if we do anything new.

Here is the invite:

See you there!

4 brand new 3D ROOMZ

Hey, ThreeDee community πŸ‘‹

I have recently updated some files associated with CHARACTERZ - Roomz add-on.

We added 4 brand new ROOMZ with additional 3D objects:
βœ… Astronaut room
βœ… Kidz room
βœ… Gaming room
βœ… Kitchen

In total, there are 7 rooms right now: living room, meeting lounge, doctor's room, kids room, gaming room, astronaut room & kitchen

Let me know if you have any ideas for a room or want to re-create your one.
We can do it as custom service.

New 3D scenes for ILLUSTRATIONZ library ❀️

Hey, ThreeDee community πŸ‘‹

I am so excited to share with you our new update and the best part? -> it is free for you ❀️
I've just uploaded 3D scenes which are associated with the ILLUSTRATIONZ library.

What is included? πŸ“¦
- 5 Scenes (BBQ, City, Galaxy, Nature, Business)
- Source files
- Blender files
- Rendered PNG files
- Multiple new 3D objects and assets
- Tutorial
... and much more

As always, I've created a video tutorial for you

Galaxy Scene 1a.png 5.92 MB

New Tutorial: Why my renders are black in Blender or other issues with renders

Why do you have black renders?

There can be couple of reasons:

0:20 - Animation needs to be deleted
1:46 - Wrong render engine
2:04 - Disabled in renders or viewports
2:43 - Disabled Surfaces
3:00 - Lights are turned off
3:24 - Wrong exposure
3:42 - Wrong settings of clipping of the camera

Preview of tutorial

ILLUSTRATIONZ Pets pack is here! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

We finished ILLUSTRATIONZ Pets library and it is already uploaded.

What is inside? πŸ“¦
- Source files of 3 pets (Shiba Inu, Little cat, Husky dog)
- Fully rigged (body & face rig)
- 10 poses + additional 3D objects
- PNG files of every pose in 3 different angles

Happy using! ❀️

You can find more information about ILLUSTRATIONZ, here
10 poses included

CitzenzNFT launched!

We helped to launch the NFT project inspired by our CHARACTERZ library!

Check it out!


NEW 3D library - HEADZ 😍

I am thrilled to announce we released HEADZ library!

I am thrilled to announce that we finished our newest 3D library called HEADZ, which can be used as an alternative to the Apple memoji.

You can drag and drop rendered PNG files and use them in your favorite design tools, such as Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, XD, and many others. Thanks to rig, you can use them in animations, videos, and even games/AR/VR 🀯

We also created a generator in Blender, thanks to which you can easily customize 3D heads.
Btw: you can do more than 430,000 combinations of 3D headsΒ 

Are you new to Blender?

No worries, we created a tutorial for beginners.

What is inside?Β 
- 2,300 PNG files rendered out of the box
- Source files (.blend) of females/males in white/brown/black and pets (cat, dogs - husky, Shiba Inu).
- Tutorial for beginners

If you decide to buy the library until 31st July, you will get pets for free!Β 

This library is so huge that it can be hardly described in the email,
because of that, I created a video for you to show you this amazing library:

Have a great day,
Sam from ThreeDee
HEADZ - 3D library - alternative to Apple memoji

New Animal - cute Deer added πŸ₯°

Today we updated the ANIMALZ library with cute 3D deer.

The deer is fully rigged - body + head.

6 new poses included! 🀯

For more information check ANIMALZ libraryΒ 

HEADZ are in Pre-order Phase!

The new 3D library of 3D heads is in the pre-order phase.

The free sample included!

HEADZ - new 3D library

NEW tutorials for beginners!

We created short tutorials which are easy to consume for people who are new in Blender!

Non-complete list of tutorials

ANIMALZ - Pre-orders are open!

Today we announced that we open pre-orders for ANIMALZ.

Only 15 pieces are left.

Expected release:
1st May - 5th May

More information:
animalz preview.jpg 300.16 KB

EMOJIZ - 3D animated emoji set full of joy!

NEW 3D library is here! Animated 3D emoji set!

You can find all information here:


og image2.jpg 209.09 KB

We created new PETZ - 3D dog and 3D cat fullly rigged

Here are some photos from Blender.

More at http://characterz.design/

image.png 535.44 KB


EMOJIZ are in pre-order

Today we launched the possibility to pre-order 3D EMOJIZ. The deal will be open for 7 days.

For more information, check: http://emojiz.design/
og_image.jpg 243.33 KB

Added new robotic handz

HANDZ Premium

Before Christmas, we launched our library HANDZ Premium, which is helping you showcase your amazing work. As a bonus, we added new gestures.

More at HANDZ webpage
HANDZ premium released. Some cool poses inside!

CHARACTERZ - the biggest 3D illustration library

We launched the biggest 3D illustration library in the middle of December. You can do more than 8,600,000 combinations of 3D characters.

More at http://characterz.design/

Preview of CHARACTERZ library
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